Marin County, California, artist Jane Calender Christison says, “I find inspiration for my poetry and paintings everywhere, but I feel an intense connection to the sea. I have been drawn to it all my life. I hope my paintings and books capture the beauty of the sea, its moods, colors, sounds and sea life.”


Jane wrote the “Sea at the Edge of Light” when she and her husband lived a few steps from the shore north of Mendocino in a small house on a sand dune. The illustrations are from her original oil paintings.

Available now. “The Sea at the Edge of Light” $14 plus tax and shipping
A story of taking chances and moving out of the past, away from the city to a land of waves, winds, sand, shorebirds, sunsets, and light beyond imagining.

Available in early 2020
A new illustrated book of poems and paintings
“Time and Other Things That Fly”
A story that might at some point belong to anyone

In 2020 a new edition
“In the Company of Tears” $18 plus tax and shipping
The power of hope and love in overcoming grief

AVAILABLE NOW The Sea at the Edge of Light $14.00 plus tax and shipping.   

WATCH FOR 2nd Edition In the Company of Tears $16.00 plus tax and shipping.